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Medicare Advantage and Medicare: Spotting the difference

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Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 (2)The Medicare Advantage Plans are more commonly known as Part C plans. These plans can be found at the private insurance companies. A very common topic which is searched by most of people over the internet is Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare. Part C Plan was introduced back in 2003, and during 2017 most of the research studies showed that a lot of people have started moving towards the health insurance Advantage plans from Original health security. In case you are reaching the required age for enrolling Medicare then you might be wondering that which health insurance plan is the best one for you. Well, in this article we are going to spot that difference between these two.

Original Medicare

The Original one is controlled by the federal government and is made up of two parts, which are:

  • Part A, this is also known as hospice care and is used for providing coverage for an inpatient in a hospital. It is also used for trained nursing service.
  • Part B refers to the outpatient service and is responsible for providing coverage for outpatient services like doctor visits, healthcare, patient tests, sterilized medical equipment, and some preventive services.

With Original version, a person can avail any kind of Part A or Part B medical service from any doctor or medical facility, which accepts Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The biggest difference between MedicareAdvantage Plans in 2019 compared by Medicareadvantage2019.org and Original health insurance is that Advantage schemes are offered and administered by private insurance companies (which offer them) and are verified by Medicare to provide perks. It also suggests that an insurance company can vary premiums associated with health insurance advantage schemes. However, a fixed monthly Part B premium is to be paid by each member of Advantage Plans because these plans contain Original health insurance Parts A and B. Now let us look at coverage of these Advantage Plans:

  • Benefit schemes are required to offer all of those benefits which are offered by Original health insurance Parts A and B. However; Advantage schemes do not just stop here because they offer supplemental benefits as well such as routine vision, hearing, and dental check-up.
  • Moreover, majority of these plans do not just stop here because they also offer Part D Prescription Drug coverage due to which members can easily get their required medicine. Members must make sure that plan covers their drug by searching drug in plan’s list of covered drugs.